When Should You Fire Your Tax Attorney?

By on Feb 1, 2016 in Tax Law |

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Did you know that the IRS could fine you up to 20% for inaccurate information when it comes to your tax filing?  This can create a lot of problems for you as a taxpayer.  Many individuals will hire a tax attorney to help them with their taxes because they want to know that their taxes are filed properly.  This will certainly decrease the likelihood of having errors on your return, but what happens if your attorney is not doing what they were hired to do?  There may be times when you will need to fire your attorney and hire a new one.

If you have found out that your attorney did not file your taxes on time then you should begin searching for a new attorney.  The IRS will charge you if your taxes are not filed on time.  A tax attorney should know this.  When you hired this professional they agreed to ensure that your taxes are completed on time.  That is what you pay them for.  If this is not completed then you should search for someone else to help you.

You will most likely have questions for your tax attorney.  You want to know that you can contact the attorney and speak with them when you need to.  How many times have you called a service provider and waited for days in order to get a response?  This is not acceptable and it is certainly not acceptable when you are paying the attorney to help you.  If you have continually attempted to contact this professional and they are not responding then it will be time to search for another provider.

Being audited is extremely frightening for most people.  They rely on their tax attorney to help them if they are expecting an audit by the IRS.  If you have been notified by the IRS that you will be audited you should contact your attorney.  If this professional refuses to help you, or will not return your phone calls, then you should immediately start looking for another professional to help you.  The IRS is not going to wait around on a lazy tax defense service to get their act together so you can’t afford to wait around either.

Some individuals may need to repay taxes to the IRS.  There are a number of different ways to do that.  In fact, you can pay all of it at one time or you could even be placed on a repayment plan.  You may not know how to set this up.  Your attorney should help you set this up.  Again, this is not something that you should wait to do.  You could face penalties and fines if you are not making regular payments.  If your attorney is not working with you to set this up you should search for a new attorney.

While it may be hard to find a new attorney, you have to remember that they are working for you.  That means that you get to decide if they are working for your best interest or not.  If you are concerned that your tax attorney isn’t giving you adequate services, don’t hesitate to end your contract and move onto a reputable tax resolution agency to get the help you need.